Mimie Langlois

Absolute Sponteneity

Mimie Langlois - Abstract Art


Since the mid-sixties, Mimie Langlois has taken part in hundreds of exhibitions in North-America and Europe. Her works grace numerous private, public and business collections.

Mimie's fascination with the Far East began early in childhood. A widely travelled aunt brought oriental artifacts home and Mimie spent hours admiring, drawing and painting these exotic treasures.

Mimie Bourbeau married Claude Langlois. Shortly after their marriage, the couple moved to Buffalo in the United States, where Mimie studied ceramics and art history at the Allbright Museum.

In 1963 she lived in Europe for a year where she immersed herself in Western culture, visiting world renown museums and lesser known exhibits. Mimie then sought to deepen her understanding of Eastern culture by visiting Japan and China. She studied Zen and the martial arts and eventually went on to earn her black belt in karate.

Always eager to expand her horizons she became a certified rescue diver and enjoyed under-ice scuba diving during the late 1980's. These personal experiences of emotion and energy can be seen throughout her works.